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You won’t have any difficulty finding an ideal spot in your home for the ABSTRAKT garland. Because it is small and vertical it is a subtle addition to your interior décor.
Next to or above the sofa, in between framed posters or works of art in the living room, right next to the kitchen cabinet, or use the ABSTRAKT garland to turn a neglected corner in an eye-catching wall.

The 21 pieces have been pre-punched so you can thread them yourself in just a few minutes to create a work of art for your wall. And because the arrangement of the elements is totally up to you, your garland is unique!

Contents: In addition to the 3 cards with 21 abstract elements, the ABSTRAKT garland package comes with cotton thread and an embroidery needle to facilitate easy threading of the pieces.

Dimensions: the threaded streamer is approximately 125 – 150 cm long, depending on how close to each other you thread the elements. The circles are 7 cm in diameter.

Jurianne Matter Abstrakt Garland - black

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